Snowkey Tube Ice Machine TIM100A (10T/D) and TIM150A (15T/D)


Snowkey Tube Ice Machine TIM100A (10T/D) and TIM150A (15T/D)

Tube ice machine application:
– Human consumption ice plant
– Port ice plant
– Coffee shop,bar,and hotel,etc
– Supermarket,convenience shop and restaurant,etc
– Aquatic products and food fresh preservation
– Logistic fresh preservation
– Chemical and concrete projects

Snowkey’s tube ice machines filter salts and impurities during their harvest cycle. These impurities are discharged as waste at the end of a cycle, and fresh water fills the reservoir to begin the process again.

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Flake Ice Machine Key features


Flake Ice Machine applications include
– Fisheries – salt water versions available
– Food processing
– Concrete cooling
– Artificial snowfields
– Medical
– Fresh food preservation

Flake Ice Machine Key features
– Interiors constructed from quality, non-corrosive materials to eliminate rust and contamination.
– Stainless steel external cladding enables use in any environment.
– Stationary vertical evaporator to prevent leaking seals.
– Polyurethane insulation to restrict heat transfer and eliminate water penetration.

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Top Benefits of Having an In-Home Ice Machine

snowkey-ice machine-9.jpg

While the ice maker in my freezer beats using ice trays, it is still annoying.  It makes these horrible 2″ long crescents which are both too hard and unwieldy for drinking.

There’s an easy solution to having lousy ice though: obtaining a distinct home ice maker.  Having this small miracle has made all beverages taste just that much better, and you do not have to worry about choking on ice.  Here are some other benefits of having an ice machine maker at home.

  1.  You get the Kind of ice you want

Some people love cubes, tube ice, some half cubes, but others are fond of the chewable ice.  Called a nugget or pearl ice, this ice slushes in your mouth just right when you are drinking a glass of water or just going it alone.

  1.  No more ice bags

When you have friends who will visit over to the house to watch the game, you prefer to purchase a couple bags of ice merely to fulfill their demand.  Having an in-home ice maker, you could have pretty much as much ice as I want, on demand.

snowkey-ice machine-2.jpg

  1.  All the ice you Want

Based on the holding capacity of the ice machine, you can get as much ice as you require.  There is no need to be worried about whether it is going to run out, or if it’s got to go through another cycle.

  1.  No more extra labor

Getting your own ice machine maker will provide you a plenty of good ice for all of your drinks.

snowkey-ice machine-10.jpg

  1.  Your drinks taste better

Let us say that you receive a touch-free countertop ice maker.  Your ice will be purer since it eliminates the need to dig your hands into the machine, and less contamination means better tasting ice.

  1.  You’ll Have more parties

Not many people discuss the ice that they had, but they will go back to you in the event that you’ve got the best ice in the party.

Obtaining your own in-home ice maker may not make you the life of the party, but it could certainly get you on the way to being a hit one of friends and family.  You deserve the very best, whether that is the best cuts of meat or beverages, and using an ice maker in your house can deliver that feeling of luxury for you.


Snowkey Australia produces a clean, stable, sanitary ice suitable for human consumption. Snowkey is a leading ice machine makers in Australia, not to mention not only in Australia but also in other countries. For more information about ice machines, visit Snowkey website at  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us on 1300 423 423 or send an email to

Snowkey Plate Ice Machine P10A (1T/DAY)


Snowkey Plate Ice Machine P10A (1T/DAY)

Application field:
Food processing
Fishery processing
Meat processing
Medical scientific research
Supermarket and Logistic
Dye chemical industry
Cold accumulation project

Working condition:
Power supply: full electric system complying with the general international standard
Standard working condition of ice making: water supply temperature 20℃, ambient temperature 33℃
The applicable working condition: water supply temperature 0~35℃, ambient temperature 5~40℃
Refrigerant: R404A、R507A

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Snowkey Australia – SRMP1V-16 Open-Type single-stage inverter screw compressor Unit


SRMP1V-16 Open-Type single-stage inverter screw compressor Unit

Its overall charge of refrigerant and refrigerant oil is less than traditional models by 50 %. The units have ingeniously integrated many devices including compressors, vertical oil separators, control cabinets, frequency starters, economizers, oil coolers, high-capacity filters and internally piloted valves, featuring small space occupation of installed parts and easy operation and maintenance.

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5 Tips To Maintain Your Ice Machine Performing Well


  1.  Clean and Sanitize Your Own Ice Machine Regularly

Just like with any significant appliance, your ice machine will probably need regular cleaning and care.  Ignoring this may cause irreparable harm to a unit, permitting slime, mold, and scale to accumulate within the system.  Apart from the harm, this may cause, it’s also unsanitary for people consuming the ice generated by your system.  An ice machine which isn’t cleaned regularly may create foul smelling ice which changes the flavor of the drinks it cools.  A few smaller, mid-size under counter ice machines need you to just push a button to commence their cleaning cycle, whereas bigger ice bin and machine mixes require slightly more complex steps to offer a suitable cleaning.  When it might be a hassle sometimes, cleaning and sanitizing your ice machine is something which should not be ignored.

  1.  Proceed with the Technological Flow

For all those born in the USA in 1960, the average life expectancy is approximately 69 decades.  For individuals born in 2010, the average life expectancy is approximately 79 decades. This means that now, American-born kids could expect to live almost 10 years more than a person born 50 decades back.  Medical and technological improvements are among the reasons that people are currently living longer lives.  Together with your ice machine, brand new technologies are accountable for a better layout, and an increased life expectancy.  Snowkey ice machines have evolved to the stage of close self-management.  These ice machines have the capacity to track their own operation, together with the capability to clearly and audibly alert owners in the event the device faces any issues.  Data may also be transmitted liberally and seen at a distant site.  In this manner, a certified professional can help and correct the unit, if it ever runs into any issues.  Each one of these technological improvements helps capture problems early before they become more severe, expensive issues.  Subsequently, they maintain your ice machine operating strongly for longer amounts of time.


  1.  Contemplate the Surrounding Environment

This aspect can be discounted by original time ice machine owners.  They can purchase an ice machine using production rates recorded around 500 lbs of ice every day, and then realize that their ice machine generates 75  of what they anticipated because it functions at a crowded corner of a 100° kitchen.  The manner in which your ice system’s condenser is cooled plays a wonderful part in the consistency of your ice machine’s functionality also.  If your ice machine will be found in a warmer environment (the kitchen for example), then you need to think about a water cooled or remote air cooled condenser to provide more consistent ice production.  An ice machine that’s requested to frequently produce ice in extreme circumstances, with minimal room for venting, will be under much more pressure than one which works with appropriate clearance, and at perfect temperature requirements (70% air, 50% water).  Take good care to make sure an appropriate working environment for the ice machine, since this can enhance the standard and consistency of the ice generated, and improve the life expectancy of the ice machine.

  1.  Pick an Acceptable Water Filter and Replace It Often

Your ice machine doesn’t absolutely expect a water filter to function and produce ice.  By the exact same token, you aren’t required to wash or brush your teeth every day either, but it sure makes a difference that you do.  Including a water filter may considerably enhance the quality of the water utilized by your ice machine maker.  It’ll filter out dirt and sediment, and also enhance the standard of ice that’s produced with tougher water.  Unfiltered and untreated water also will cause more inner issues to your ice machine and may cause slime and scale buildup in your unit also.  Normally, your own water filter ought to be replaced every six weeks, but those compelled to take advantage of poor water might be asked to modify their water filters more often.  The size of your ice machine’s water filter generally is dependent upon your ice machine’s daily ice output signal, as machines which create more ice usage a larger quantity of water from the ice manufacturing process.

  1.  Think about the Ice Machine Manufacturer Warranty

To acquire a grip on the entire life expectancy of any new solution.  In the event that you should buy a new machine that boasted an ‘astonishing, restricted, six-month guarantee’, you’d anticipate that something has been amiss with the circumstance. Snowkey takes their guarantee a step further.  Additionally, it reveals the difference a proper water filter may make in your life expectancy of your ice machine maker.


If you are going to be buying a brand new ice machine, then you ought to take steps to ensure you get the maximum from it.  Despite the fact that the most current and best technology might be just around the corner, it doesn’t imply that your ice machine can’t endure a long, satisfying lifestyle.  With this advice, you can make sure that your ice machine will last to generate ice reliably for many years on end.

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