Snowkey SRS-12 Semi-Hermetic Single-Stage Screw Compressor


SRS-12 Semi-Hermetic Single-Stage Screw Compressor

Features of SRS semi-hermetic single-stage screw compressor
● 5+7 best gear ratio combo; SRM “i” patented molded line; high intensity, high energy efficiency, and low noises
● New technology, max rotation speed of 6000 rpm, enhancing refrigeration capacity by 50 %
● Adopting a highly efficient sync variable frequency motor, which can regulate motor rotation speed based on load changes, reduce operation power of the motor and raise its operating efficiency under low load
● Male and female rotors are arranged vertically to prevent accumulation of refrigerant oil on the motor bottom and facilitate flowing of refrigerant around the motor to make it fully cooled and operate at high efficiency.
● The screw rotor is processed to micrometer precision with tight gearing, even stress, and a long service life
● Highly precise and wear-resistant rolling bearing with a design service life of 80,000 h
● World unique explosion-proof device for energy regulation cylinder
● Optimized design of suction and exhaust air ways, low suction resistance and fully cooling of motor coils; little exhaust throttling loss and low energy consumption.

Visit our website to know more about our products and services at or call us on +61 1300 423 423 or +61 1300 ICE ICE. You may also visit our store at 8/93 Pearson Road Yatala QLD 4207.


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