Get Peak Performance From Your Ice Maker

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Ice is very important to restaurants and any other company which serves drinks like juice bars, pubs, and cafes. That’s why it is important to keep your ice cream in good working condition.  Like any piece of equipment, it has to be maintained regularly.  Here are some basic things to look out for your ice machine:


Ever read a story about a restaurant that got shut down for slime or mold in the ice machine?  Ice machine bins are prime areas for germs to grow.  The cold slows them down, but they love all of that water.  Follow your guide’s recommendations for cleaning and sanitizing procedures.  The guide or local regulations will say how often it requires to be cleaned.


The air filter needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the machine in good order.  A clogged filter will lead to heat buildup that could result in damage.  Additionally, it will make the expense of operating the machine higher.  It’s a simple fix, but one that may be missed.

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Ice must taste fresh, but ice also has to be made out of soft water.  Hard water does more than putting impurities into ice.  It can build up the scale of components.  An excessive amount of scale can wreck a machine.  Filtration also removes chlorine and other chemicals and offers an additional layer of protection against microbial invasion.  Change your water filters regularly to keep your ice and your ice machine in top condition.


Give the ice maker machine an inspection at regular intervals.  Does anything appear loose or corroded?  Do you find any leaks anywhere?  Does the compressor sound like it’s running properly?  Does your ice look good and in proper form?  Check your owner’s manual for other things to look for during a routine check.

There are lots of things which you could do in-house to keep your ice machine well maintained.  The service manual for the machine will detail any specialized maintenance you might need to perform.  Keep your machine maintained and you will always have the ice you need when you need it.

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The cleaning and sanitizing of the ice machine regularly could bring about a high-quality sanitary ice and less ice machine operation difficulties.  Nevertheless, regular interior cleaning of ice storage bins is vital for keeping clean and sanitary ice.

Clean the interior of the ice storage bin twice annually, please refer to local health department standards for guidance regarding how often you should clean the inside of your ice storage bin between preventative care service visits.

When you have issues cleaning your ice machines or you require further help, please call our customer service team on 61 1300 423 423.  Snowkey after sale supports catering all customers worldwide.

Visit Snowkey Australia ice machine retailer in Australia to learn about our services and products at or call us on 61 1300 423 423 or 61 1300 ICE ICE.  In addition, it is possible to send an e-mail to for additional enquiries.


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