Tube ice machine TIM300W(30T/D)


Tube ice machine TIM300W(30T/D)

Tube Ice applications include
– Human consumption
– Port ice plants
– Hospitals
– Supermarkets and convenience stores
– Aquatic and fresh food preservation
– Logistic fresh preservation
– Chemical and concrete products

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Advantages of Having Your Own Ice Machine

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Does your business use ice on a daily basis? Have you considered purchasing an ice machine instead of buying bagged ice?

Having your own ice machine can provide a practical solution that can fulfill the ice requirements of your business, whether you are in the hospitality industry and want to provide ice cold drinks to your customers or professions such as the construction and service industries where employee health and hydration is important.

Below we have identified a number of benefits of owning a commercial ice machine for your business:

Convenience – All ice is produced on site to provide consistent supply 24 hours a day.

No Wastage – Leftover ice may be bagged and stored for busier periods or given to your employees to use for recreational purposes.

Economical – If ice is continuously required for your business, it may be more economically efficient in the long term to purchase an ice machine out right in comparison to purchasing bagged ice.

Fixed Asset – With full ownership of an ice machine you have a tangible asset for your business, which can be depreciated over time!

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Regular Maintenance is the Key

The simplest way to prevent a breakdown of your cool room is with regular maintenance. It allows you to keep an eye on how everything is running. You can also spot potential problems before they develop into full-scale disasters. The best part is, you can do a lot of the following jobs yourself:

Keep It Clean

Clean the walls regularly. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent. Avoid using any chemicals that might damage your cool room. If there are any stains appearing on the walls, then make a note of it. If they reappear after you clean them, then your cool room might need professional maintenance

Keep the seal clean. Run around it with a damp cloth regularly to make sure there’s no build-up of gunk. Generally, warm water will be enough, but if it’s particularly sticky, use a small amount of detergent. Avoid using heavy duty cleaners. They can damage the seal, which will affect your cool room’s efficiency.

Keep a Record

Record refrigeration temperatures daily. Most food service businesses already do this several times a day, so make sure you pay attention. If the cool room temperature seems like it is fluctuating a lot, it could be time for some professional maintenance.

Keep your eyes open. Watch and record any water leaks. Keep track of food and check that it’s properly frozen. If anything is thawing out in the cool room, you may have a problem.

Use your nose. if there are any strange smells, it could signal a leak. Your cool room might still be able to keep things cold if this happens, but it will have to work overtime. This can cause wear and tear, as well as costing you a fortune in energy bills.

Know Your Maintenance Schedule

On top of your own regular maintenance and care of the cool room, you’ll need scheduled maintenance to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible. Refrigeration systems have to work extra hard to keep up with the high temperatures and humidity. To find out about your maintenance schedule, check your warranty or contact the company that installed the unit.

Parts Replacement and Repairs

It’s a lot more affordable to replace a few crucial parts in your cool room than to install an entirely new system. Make sure you keep a record of when different parts are reaching the end of their warranty or are close to wearing down, so you can replace them before they cause problems. While there are some repairs you can comfortably do yourself, there are times when you’ll need an urgent repair. Check to see if your cooling supplier provides 24-hour emergency repairs, so you don’t risk losing stock.

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Snowkey Flake Ice Machine On Board SFM16W(1.6Ton/Day)


Snowkey Flake Ice Machine On Board SFM16W(1.6Ton/Day)
– Using environmental protection refrigerants, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving
– Evaporator & base using alloy materials such as stainless steel, corrosion resistance, long service life;
– Electric control panel, circuit meet the Marine electrical standards, anti-corrosion, high security;
– Full automatic control, ice full automatic stop

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134-IS-250 Integrated Inverter Screw Compressor Unit


134-IS-250 Integrated Inverter Screw Compressor Unit

Product features
● Integrated arrangement of inverter and compressor and compact structure
● Automatic regulation of four built-in volume ratios (Vi=2.2-2.6-3.2-4.4)
● Automatic control of cooling inverter by refrigerant
● Complete monitoring and alarm of inverter
● Built-in high efficiency oil
● Stable and more energy-saving operation

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SRM-2016 Open-type Compound Two-stage Screw Compressor


SRM-2016 Open-type Compound Two-stage Screw Compressor

It is characterized by compact structure, high capacity and high compression ratio. The 30° design slope is applicable to vehicles like ships, to ensure operation of a high energy efficiency ratio under different working conditions. Snowkey two-stage screw compressors are widely used in industrial refrigeration, food quick-freezing, refrigerated logistics, ship refrigeration and ultra low temperature refrigeration and other fields.

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