Snowkey Flake Ice Machine


Flake Ice Machine
– A float switch will protect your pump from running dry, and extend its life. Flake ice machines feature automatic salt feeding pulsing pumps, with a 20L container for water softening.
– We offer a 12 month warranty on the gearbox and pumps within our Flake Ice machines.

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Snowkey Tube Ice Machine


Snowkey’s tube ice machines filter salts and impurities during their harvest cycle. This produces a hard, powderless hollow tube ice that is transparent, sanitary and environmentally friendly. The clear texture of tube ice means it is often referred to as “cocktail” or “party ice”.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying an Ice Machine Online


There are several concerns before buying a commercial ice machine online.

Firm Reputation

There are lots of businesses offering commercial ice makers on the internet so it is important that you spend several minutes on contemplating the business before making this kind of big and essential purchase selection.

You must make sure you’re buying from an official dealer which will see to it that the ice machine you are purchasing comes with a whole warranty. Ice machines are pricey and it’s worth checking out customer reviews or opinions and also asking about the company’s returns policy that machine will arrive undamaged, defective or not as described. Any company that doesn’t look positively at these points is one to prevent. When purchasing a used machine, standing becomes even more important because your ice maker will most be sold with the firm guarantee and state.

Stock Availability

It is essential to check the ice maker machine which you’re buying is really physically in stock and available. We’ve seen an excellent quantity of cases of companies taking orders and after that learn that they cannot deliver for weeks or occasionally never when they evaluate stock from their providers. It is very common for online stores to post inventory which they do’t have and buy to the retailer after they take your on-line order. This leaves you with unknown lead times or out of stock items, most likely it will make you decide for a refund or alternative.

Advantages of Purchasing Online

There aren’t many things more appropriate that buying on-line is practical and simpler particularly doing enormous purchases. The web site will let you discover more models and to match your own unique standards economically and unquestionably better than any retail store. Another excellent reason to make your purchase online is you will not have the salesperson attempting to convince you the machine they really have in stock is substantially better. Sometimes buying at the retail store is annoying when the salesperson is following you and convincing you all the time. While shopping online you may also instantly form to have the machine delivered right for your own business or dwelling address. When you’ve ran all of your research including reading the reachable reviews you should prepare yourself to make the correct choice.

Disadvantages of Buying Online

There are quite a couple of disadvantages of buying an ice machine online, these include being unable to actually see, touch or examine the machine. Without researching the business, do not have any guarantee if the business is existing and if there is a specialized section for any difficulties or dilemmas. As said before, you’ll commonly not comprehend if your order will be carried out in time or at all.

Whatever your reason behind choosing an ice maker online, most importantly, be sure you make your purchase from a reputable company that’s been in operation for couple years selling this type of thing that offers guarantee and after sale technical support. It is also worth noting that in many instances it will be more advantageous that you make your purchase with a business that does’t just offer ice machines but comprises similar products to commercial ice machines. These businesses can not only understand their company but also have an expertise in meeting your machine needs.

Snowkey Australia is among the leading ice machine manufacturer firms which were running for many years plus they are delivering high quality machines, services and after sales technical support. Snowkey is selling different kinds of machines such as for example television ice machine, plate ice machine, slurry ice machine, block ice machine and flake ice machine. Visit our web site to know more about our services and products at or call us on 61 1300 423 423 or 61 1300 ICE ICE. You may also visit our store at 8/93 Pearson Road Yatala QLD 4207.

Snowkey Tube Ice Evaporator


Snowkey Tube Ice Evaporator

– Stable even in extreme temperatures; reliable operation from 5°C to 40°C. Custom variants can enable operation between -5°C and 56°C.
– All parts contacting water are made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L and PE material.
– Compact in structure, utilizing a small footprint with low production cost, high refrigeration effect and low energy consumption.
– Modular construction for ease of transportation and maintenance.
– Several units can be installed in parallel with central controls.

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Snowkey Plate Ice Machine


Snowkey Plate Ice Machine – Special water circulation system
The raw material water flows evenly on the surface of the evaporator, and gathers into the water tank through the special water trough at the bottom of the evaporator. Then the water is pumped to the water distributor in the top of the evaporator and returns to the surface of the evaporator to freeze. The said special water circulation system makes the surface of plate ice produced very smooth.

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The Way To Take Care Of Your Ice Machine Maker?


Some Tips For Ice Machine Maker Care

The typical restaurant or bar operator has no idea how their ice machine works and usually pays no attention to the ice machine until it stops working and making ice.

The only thing an operator needs to see is a “total bin” of ice whenever they desire a scoop of ice. Nevertheless, a commercial ice machine needs some regular TLC to make sure it runs efficiently, creates the maximum amount of ice daily, and will not break down. On the planet of ice machines, a clean machine is a happy machine.

Some refrigeration repair specialists will let you know that 90% of all ice machine problems are self-inflicted. They could have been prevented. Whatever the number is, we understand that normally this really is true. What exactly can the operator do?

Regularly cleaned ice machines will generate more immediately, have tougher blocks and in greater quantity daily. Here are some simple things to do.

1) Clean your ice bin every month – If you haven’t cleaned in a while you might be surprised at what you find at the bottom of the bin, assuming you do not run out of ice on a regular basis.

– Remove the old ice and stored in a walk-in freezer.
– Clean the interior of the bin with a solution of warm water and a light detergent. You may add a 1/2 cup of bleach to this solution to remove any “brown slime” that has formed. Rinse completely after washing and dry the bin.


2) What’s “brownish slime”? – It develops from specific types of yeast like airborne yeast from beer or baking yeast. That is especially common in bars.

3) Alter your water filter every 6 months – This ensures your machine gets pure water to freeze and the purest water freezes first.

– If you don’t have water filtration in the building or at the ice machine…get a water filter for your ice machine.
– Follow the instructions carefully when replacing your water filter. For example, if you use specific filters they need to be “pre-activated”. Meaning you have to run it for a period of time (usually 5 minutes) to activate the charcoal in the cartridge. Not activating the filter can cause the filter to be 50% less efficient in removing minerals and other materials. There are exceptions…3M water filters, for example, do not require “activation”. This critical step is often missed so the operator ends up spending cash on a filter that’s not doing the job it was designed to do. Thus pre-activate your water filter or purchase 3M water filters… it is that simple!

4) Clean the evaporator every 6 months – The evaporator is the plate the ice types on. When minerals start to deposit (precipitate) on the evaporator the ice WOn’t fall off the plate (harvest) as readily as it should. So it runs longer, creation drops and other issues can happen. A sign that the ice machine evaporator needs to be cleaned is that the ice in the bin is “bridging” that’s to say, several pieces of ice are connected together. A cleaning of the evaporator or a fast adjustment by a professional service representative will repair that problem.. If you have to bridge, your ice machine is working at less than optimum conditions.

– Use a “nickel safe” cleaner and sanitizer to clean your evaporator. Your cleaning supplies supplier is going to have suitable product.

5) Conditions – Make sure your ice machine is located in a “cool spot”. Often times they’re tucked into corners of rooms or in little rooms (like resort ice dispensers) where they “eat their own heat”. The higher the ambient air temperature and the water temperature the less ice your machine will make every day. In winter months, you may get 50F water from the faucet, but in the summer, the temperature is 70F from the spigot. It’ll really make a difference in production.

6) Clean the condenser coils – Frequently times ignored, these are located on the side or rear of the machine. The hot gas which carries heat goes here to condense back to liquid. It gives up the heat that it took from your water to make ice.


The principles of any refrigeration system are “it will not make cold…it removes heat”. The condenser removes the heat. When it isn’t clean or becomes clogged they need to be cleaned with a coil cleaner.

So it’sn’t challenging to keep your ice machine running in top form. It just wants some consideration. In the final analysis, the easiest way to accomplish this is to get on a PM application with a commercial refrigeration company in your area that’ll come out and do all of these things for you and a regularly scheduled basis. It is not expensive and it saves you cash!

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